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EFT-POS supplies market leading products for communications and networking to provide a full card processing solution. These include standard broadband wired and wireless network devices from Linksys, specialised ISDN, GPRS and IP routing products from Sarian, standard modem products from Multitech and X.25 products from Eicon.

As a Linksys partner EFT-POS is able to provide the full range of Linksys networking products in order to provide a complete wired or wireless solution with card processing devices such as the Ocius Verifone Vx 510 and 3750 terminal, Ocius Verfione Vx610 and 3600 terminal or Ocius for PCs or ICP Client Software. Linksys is a leader in networking solutions for the small and medium business particularly with regards wireless LAN equipment, broadband routers, network adapters for the desktop and notebook PC and hubs and switches. Linksys has been recognized with top awards from PC Magazine, PC World, CRN, VARBusiness, Network World, InfoWorld and many others. Being part of Cisco - the leading worldwide supplier of corporate networking hardware ensures a high quality of product and a trade in path should you require higher-end equipment and services in the future. We are also able to advise on network configuration utilising your existing network infrastructure.


Ocius Terminals / Internet Authorisation

If you are using a fixed terminal with authorisation over the internet then you will need an ethernet switch to connect the devices together (if you have more than one device) and a router that is able to forward the authorisation request from the terminal to your ISP over your broadband or permanent internet connection. The router will need to have an ethernet port to connect to your switch and an ethernet port to connect to your internet connection. Many routers have an integrated switch which will have a number of ethernet network ports into which you can connect your fixed terminals and your PC / PCs. You will also need a broadband modem if this is not integrated into your broadband router. This very much depends on the particular manufacturer and piece of router hardware - and to be honest it can be a bit of a minefield. In the majority of cases it is easiest and simplest to try to obtain a device that includes all the functions you require: i.e. ADSL broadband modem, router functionality, ethernet hub/switch with at least 4 ethernet ports and a stateful packet inspection firewall. If you are using a wireless terminal then you will need a device that supports WiFi as well. Again if you have nothing currently in place we recommend that you get an all-in-one device if possible.

For failover situations where you require a backup for your broadband ADSL line (or where you cannot obtain an ADSL line or where cost is prohibitive) )we offer communications devices that utilise the mobile phone data network (GPRS) which is ideally suited to the low data usage of card transactions.

WinTI / BatchPro

If you are using WinTI or BatchPro for authorisation then you will need communications hardware in order to connect to the bank systems and obtain an authorisation. Supported methods are PSTN (standard telephone dial up) using a modem, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) using an ISDN terminal adaptor or X.25 using an X.25 card/pad.





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