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Many customers implementing our credit and debit card terminals or internet based software authorisation solutions already have in place permanent internet connections. For those that do not we are happy to help in the provision and supply of permanent internet connections including ADSL, SDSL, Leased Lines and VPN solutions. EFT-POS has partnered with Zen Internet in order to provide these value added services. Zen Internet were one of the pioneers in the UK for affordable internet service provision to business. Having been established for over 10 years Zen is a highly respected and successful ISP, winner of 'Internet Provider of the Year' (Internet Magazine) and 'Best Internet Provider' (Comdex) national awards for consistently high quality service, as well as regional awards for business success.


ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - is a broadband service with unequal download and upload speeds. Download speeds can be chosen from 256Kbps and up to 8Mbps; upload speeds vary between 256Kbps and 832Kbps depending on product. Zen ADSL offer these speeds at both Home (50:1 contention) and Office (20:1 contention) levels. Depending on the use you wish to make of your ADSL connection EFT-POS will be able to advise the best product for your needs. With all Zen ADSL products you get included value added services and a commitment to quality of service, speed and support:

  • Uncontended network bandwidth within the Zen Network
  • Only 1 month contract commitment
  • Consistently highly rated for speed, reliability and customer service by ADSLguide
  • Fixed IP Address ( 1 or 8 ) allowing you to run your own web server / mail server / remote access
  • Fast installation - 5-7 working days
  • Backup dial-in account
  • POP3 mailbox
  • E-Mail Anti-Virus Protection
  • Global access to your e-mail with Zen Webmail
  • 1GB Web space
  • Premier Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Access to over 50,000 newsgroups
  • BBC Broadband access
  • No set up fee on Domain name registration / transfer
  • DNS services
  • Firewall and VPN Option


SDSL - Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line - is a faster broadband service with equal download and upload speeds. ZenSDSL offers performance that compares with high-speed Leased Line connectivity but at significantly lower cost. The following 'same speed both ways' bandwidth options are available: 512Kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps.

ZenSDSL is the perfect solution for businesses that rely extensively on the Internet and it makes a world of additional services possible, perhaps for the first time. It enables organisations to take advantage of Virtual Private Network (VPN), Virtual Telephony through Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies, Video Conferencing, LAN Extension Services, and Point to Point - or almost any solution that relies on bi-directional data flow.

Attractive pricing from £175 per month makes 'going symmetric' attractive to a wide range of businesses. ZenSDSL is certainly the perfect mid-way alternative between the dedicated bandwidth and guaranteed availabilty of a Leased Line and the lower bandwidth, higher contention ratio services offered by ADSL. All SDSL products have a low contention ratio.


Leased lines are available with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement and unrivalled customer support for companies with mission-critical operations. ZenDirect Leased Circuits offer un-contended fixed bandwidth Partial Private Circuits (PPCs), or totally scaleable LAN Extension Services (LES) solutions, together with Zen’s own high performance network connectivity and vital ongoing support for a very affordable price.


EFT-POS are also able to advise and supply any internet based service and solution including all of Zen Internet services including managed firewall services, domain name registration and transfer, shared and dedicated server web hosting, web design, pop3 mailboxes, smtp mail delivery, server co-location, search engine promotion services.




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