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Ocius for PCs

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Building on the succesful embedded Ocius card payment processing solution for integrated terminals such as the Verifone vx510 and the Verifone 3750, Ocius for PCs extends the concept of a pre-accredited chip and pin solution to pinpads such as the Dione Secura and Verifone SC5000. Ocius for PCs is fully bank approved and consists of a windows application program running on your PC and a serial connected pinpad and smartcard reader.


  • Easy to install Ocius windows software
  • Intuitive user interface reducing staff training requirement
  • Can be used as a standalone credit card processing solution or can be easily integrated to POS software
  • Utilises existing POS printer for the production of credit and debit card receipts
  • Reduces the cost of a chip and pin solution by only requiring a pinpad rather than a full integrated chip and pin terminal
  • Pre-certified by major UK banks so can be implemented quickly without any need for further bank testing or certification
  • Accepts all chip and pin credit and debit cards via integral smart card reader
  • Accepts all legacy swipe credit and debit cards via integral magnetic swipe reader
  • Supports purchase, refund, cash-back and gratuity transactions
  • Can also process cardholder not present (CNP) transactions
  • Full range of card transaction x and z reports
  • Supports Address Verification System (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSC)
  • Supports multiple accounts on one device and multiple currencies
  • Bank independent allowing you to change card acquirers and maintain the same card authorisation service and unit


Ocius for PCs solution with Dione Secura Specification Sheet (PDF - 128K)
Ocius for PCs solution with SC5000 Specification Sheet (PDF - 128K)



verifone 3750 terminal with stand

Verifone SC5000 PINPAD with Ocius FOR PCs

Ocius for PCs, unlike other Ocius terminals or bank issued terminals, is a Windows application that replaces the 'traditional' card terminal with a PC application and a cost effective card reader and pinpad for use by the cardholder. The solution requires a spare serial port on your computer and a printer for printing of card vouchers. More info...





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