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As an EFT authorisation system BatchPro is intended for use where authorisation of debit card and credit card payment transactions is required in batches and is commonly integrated into mail order systems or subscription systems. BatchPro allows the processing of a batch of transactions either from a flat ASCII text file containing card details or from transactions keyed into the BatchPro software. The EFT core processing module is a Windows 32 bit application which will run on Windows 2000, XP Professional, 2003. There are no restrictions as to the platform on which the credit card transaction file is created.


  • Fast and efficient processing of batches of card transactions for authorisation.
  • Eliminates time consuming hand keying of credit and debit card details through a manual PDQ type terminal.
  • Communications Structure – BatchPro supports credit and debit card authorisation and electronic funds transfer ( EFT ) at both local and centralised levels. You may choose how to implement the system to maximise the efficiency of your existing communications infrastructure.
  • Communications Medium – BatchPro supports card authorisation over PSTN, ISDN, Paknet radio network and X.25 networks using the bank standard APACS 30 messages.
  • Card Schemes – Card schemes supported include American Express, Clydesdale, Visa Delta, Diners Club, Electron, JCB, EDC/Maestro International, Laser, Mastercard, Solo, Style, Switch / Maestro Domestic and Visa Credit.
  • EFT Merchant Service Providers- Approved for use including American Express, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Scotland, Barclays Merchant Services, Clydesdale Bank, Co-operative Bank, Diners Club, Girobank, Lloyds TSB Cardnet, HSBC (Formerly Midland Bank), Nat West Streamline, Northern Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank and Yorkshire Bank.
  • Currency – BatchPro offers support for all currencies including the Euro. which means you can offer a choice of payment currency to your customers.
  • Integration – BatchPro can be interfaced to any existing mail order, subscription or any other system to allow electronic funds transfer processing of card payments. Integration is easy by provision of a simple text file interface linked directly to the BatchPro EFT systems core processing module. The system can also be installed as a stand alone manual key entry system.
  • Management Information System – BatchPro offers a complete and comprehensive EFT reporting system that backs up the entire lifecycle of each transaction from data input through to delivery to the acquirer. Reports are available to view on screen, print to hardcopy or to export to other applications.
  • Multi Merchant Account Processing – BatchPro offers the flexibility to support up to 1000 merchant accounts through one system, even if the accounts are associated with different EFT services providers (banks).
  • Corporate Purchasing Cards – BatchPro is a market leading system in the support of corporate purchasing cards at full line item detail level. Please call for more information if you require EFT in this environment.
  • Support and Maintenance – BatchPro incorporates a sophisticated on line diagnostics system to enable the technical support help desk to resolve any EFT authorisation or transaction processing difficulties.


  • A UK Merchant Account
  • A PC running Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Server
  • Minimum specification Pentium or Pentium PRO system with 300MHz processor or as recommended for the operating system.
  • 64MB RAM
  • Minimum of 500 MB of available hard disk space.
  • CD ROM drive.
  • VGA or higher resolution display adapter. 800 x 600 or more recommended.
  • At least one available standard COM port for modem.
  • Approved communications device ( modem or other approved device )
  • Dedicated direct PSTN line for remote diagnostics and funds transfer .
  • 1 licensed copy of PC Anywhere for Windows for remote support
  • Suitable communications devices attached to standard com ports or multi port serial card as specified
  • Additional communications lines (e.g. ISDN2e, X-Link, X.25 Direct), as required.



BatchPro supports the reading of a text file consisting of comma separated card numbers and values for automatic processing of card transactions.


BatchPro product brochure (PDF 220K)

Approved communication devices ( PDF 9K )




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