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Verifone SC5000 pinpad

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The Verifone SC5000 is a programmable Smart Card device complete with PinPad. The SC 5000 supports EMV Smartcard transactions and advanced 3DES encryptrion standards. The unit is a compact ergonomic unit for handheld use or may be mounted. The device is fully supported for use with our credit card processing SoftEFT products. The SC5000 Programmable Smart Card / Pin Pad device is EMV level 2 approved and provides a convenient way to upgrade Electronic Point-Of-Sale or Cash Register systems to Smart Card solutions based on EMV specifications. The SC 5000 is PED-compliant and offers a range of security protection including: tamper detection circuitry; verishield authentication; sophisticated encryption including 3DES and AES; flexibility to develop and security system based on key-management through the use of Verishield Security Scripts.


  • Can be added to an existing Ocius Verifone 3750 terminal as a fully approved pre-accredited remote smart card reader and pinpad
  • Can be integrated into POS software applications without requiring bank testing by using Ocius for PCs
  • Can be used standalone with a PC and Ocius for PCs for processing debit and credit card payments
  • Accepts all chip and pin credit and debit cards via integral smart card reader
  • Accepts all legacy swipe credit and debit cards via integral magnetic swipe reader
  • Approved by all major UK acquiring banks
  • Supports purchase, refund, cash-back and gratuity transactions
  • Can also process cardholder not present (CNP) transactions
  • Supports Address Verification System (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSC)
  • Supports multiple accounts on one device and multiple currencies
  • Bank independent allowing you to change card acquirers and maintain the same card authorisation service and unit


  • 32-bit processing for fast EMV Level 2 Smartcard transactions
  • Ergonomic hand held design with large colour coded keys for easy operation
  • Built in magnetic swipe reader for backwards compatibility
  • Integrated security module for AES ,DES, 3DES, RSA encryption/key management schemes
  • Approved for use with SoftEFT credit card authorisation software
  • LCD display with 2x16 characters
  • 360g weight
  • 155mm(H) x 95mm(W) x 50mm(D)


Ocius for PCs solution with SC5000 Specification Sheet (PDF - 128K)

Verifone SC5000 Specification Sheet (PDF - 70K)






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