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Chip and Pin Fixed Terminals

Fixed Chip and Pin Terminals

Fixed chip and pin terminals provide the most cost effective implementation of card processing terminals. We provide full functionality terminals as well as Pinpads for linking to main terminals or for PC software integration. Our terminals use a network connection - Ethernet and authorisation over the internet. In this way a dedicated phone line for your card terminal is not required - the terminal shares your broadband connection and authorises much quicker than a bank dial up terminal. If you require many terminals then you still only need the one internet connection offering unparalled savings on telephone line costs with standard bank terminals. (non-internet auth is also supported if required using the WinTI authorisation server and standard PSTN or ISDN telephone lines).

Verifone Chip and Pin Terminals

VeriFone is a global leader in secure electronic payment technologies. Verifone terminals and solutions are always innovative and are designed to enable electronic payment transactions and value added services at the point of sale today, with a migration strategy for tomorrow. After 24 years in the business VeriFone is a world renowned brand at the forefront of electonic payment solutions and their terminals are supplied to more than 100 countries worldwide. As a leading established brand the card processing equipment has gained a reputation for quality, reliability and data security. Customers choose VeriFone for all these reasons and because the card terminals provide robust functionality, the ability to be compatible with previously deployed VeriFone system solutions, an intuitive user interface and modular design.


verifone 3750 terminal with stand

Verifone 3750 Terminal with Ocius

The Verifone 3750 terminal running Ocius card processing software. A mains powered, fixed chip and pin terminal utilising a network connection for secure card authorisation over the internet. The unit includes an integral printer, chip card reader, pinpad and swipe card reader for non-chip credit and debit cards. The unit can be used as a fully standalone terminal as a replacement for bank supplied terminals or integrated into Point-Of-Sale (POS) software and equipment. Approved by all major UK acquirers. (shown with optional swivel stand). More info...

verifone SC5000 pinpad

Verifone SC5000 PINPAD

The Verifone SC5000 chip card reader and pinpad. A mains powered card reader and pinpad that can be connected to the Verifone 3750 to enable a customer facing pinpad and credit / debit chip card reader in addition to the retailers terminal. Can also be used without the 3750 as an integrated solution with POS Software that has been bank approved. Please check with your POS software supplier for compatibilty. More info...




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