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PaVerifone Omni 3600 WiFi

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VeriFone's Omni 3600 portable WiFi wireless terminal provides extended coverage and flexibility for card processing applications. The Ocius Verifone Omni 3600 is ideally suited for card payments away from a fixed location but within a building or site e.g. credit and debit card payment at table, within a bar or hotel, or where fixed wiring is inconvenient. The Omni 3600 utilises industry standard WiFi networking with WEP supplemented by SSL encryption for added security. Sleek and stylish, VeriFone's Omni 3600 packs all the features and functions merchants could want into a single, stand-alone or POS integrated debit and credit card terminal. The Omni 3600 terminal offers smart card capabilities and EMV certification with secure support for multiple payment and value-added applications.

The Omni 3600's ergonomic design allows it to be easily handed over to customers for PIN input. Its “clam shell” printer features trouble-free, “drop-in” paper loading to virtually eliminate paper jams.

Finally, the Omni 3600 is ideal for the most demanding chip card transactions. The terminals have earned Level 1 and Level 2 Type certification under the most recent EMV specifications. Also incorporated are the latest 3DES encryption with DUKPT or Master/Session key management, and are PED-certified for online and offline PIN-based transactions.


  • Accepts all chip and pin credit and debit cards via integral smart card reader
  • Accepts all legacy swipe credit and debit cards via integral magnetic swipe reader
  • Authorises transactions via secure internet connection utilising bank approved SLL 128-bit encryption
  • Approved by all major UK acquiring banks
  • Supports purchase, refund, cash-back and gratuity transactions
  • Can also process cardholder not present (CNP) transactions
  • Supports Address Verification System (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSC)
  • Supports multiple accounts on one device and multiple currencies
  • Authorises transactions faster than traditional bank dial-up terminals (in as little as 8 seconds)
  • Does not require a dedicated phone line for use - shares your internet connection
  • Multiple devices require only one internet connection
  • Operation is identical to the Ocius Omni 3750 fixed terminals
  • Can be mixed in an estate with Ocius Omni 3750 fixed terminals
  • Bank independent allowing you to change card acquirers and maintain the same card authorisation service and unit
  • Pre-accredited solution with all major UK acquirers enabling integration with Point-Of-Sale (POS) software packages without lengthy and expensive bank approvals testing
  • Also compatible with the WinTI payment server where a local authorisation server is required rather than authorisation over an internet connection


  • 32-bit processing for fast EMV Level 2 Smartcard transactions
  • Ergonomic hand held design with large colour coded keys for easy operation
  • Integrated security module with DES, 3DES encryption and Master/Session and DUKPT key management schemes
  • EMV and Visa PED approval / certification
  • Integrated thermal printer with graphics capability
  • 128 x 64 pixel LCD display with backlighting ( 8 x 21 characters )
  • 760g weight
  • 224mm(H) x 90mm(W) x 56mm(D)


Verifone Omni 3600 Family Specification Sheet (PDF - 189K)




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